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- custom handmade jewelry - rings necklaces bracelets pendants - gold silver copper - diamond ruby sapphire emerald birthstone - Natures Poison botanical flower

  • Do I make all my jewelry by hand?
    Yes, everything I make is by hand in the USA in my She-shed Studio with premium materials.
  • How did I start out as a Metalsmith?
    I received my Bachelors degree many years ago in Fine Arts. I decided to go back to school for my Masters degree in Metals and that's when I found my love for metals and stones. Who doesnt love a sparkling precious stone set in shiny silver!
  • What do you do if you see something in my shop but it isn't in your size?
    Send me a message, if I can make a similar one in your size i will be happy to.
  • Are my materials/stones ethically sourced?
    Yes most of my materials are from right here in the US. But any other source outside the US is known to be an ethically sourced dealer..
  • What is my return policy?
    I will take back any of my one of a kind pieces listed on my site by me and give a full refund MINUS the shipping, packaging, handling, and website fees within 30 days. But they must not be broken or mishandled in any way or they can not be returned. If something is a custom piece or a special order ( a piece that you have asked me to design especially for you and it was not listed on my website by me) I'm sorry but I can not take that back.
  • Can I do rush orders?
    I can do rush orders, but there will be a premium fee on top of the quoted price of the piece.
  • What is my ring size?
    For thinner ring shanks/bands you would take your regular normal size, but for a much wider ring such as my spinner rings you could take up to 2 sizes larger than your regular size.

handmade jewlery

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